How It Works

How can a DST benefit you?

Looking to sell your rental property?

GPC can help you move through the process effortlessly.

Find freedom from the management of your property investments.

Stop being a landlord and exchange for monthly recurring revenue.1

What is peace of mind worth to you?

Sleep well at night knowing that your investments reside under conservative, but progressive umbrellas.

Why Consider a 1031 Exchange?

There are many reasons to structure your transaction as a 1031 Exchange.

With DSTs you can geographically diversify your real estate investments

At any time, there are numerous DSTs available in many states. Some DSTs are diversified across different regions and property types in and of themselves

DST income may be tax efficient

Like many real estate based securities, DSTs may offer qualified income to some degree. We can discuss this topic.

DSTs have potential to grow & preserve wealth

Many DSTs are designed with appreciation potential. While there are no guarantees, we can discuss these strategies.

With DSTs you can diversify your investments among different types of propertiese may be tax efficient

There are many types of DST holdings including multi-family, medical, logistics, hospitality, and more. Some DSTs own multiple property types.

STS may be used for “leftover” gains in active 1031 exchanges

While most 1031 exchanges involve real property, many income property relinquishers have left-over gains. These gains can be allocated to a DST to maximize tax deferrals.

DSTs may be useful as estate planning tool

The very structure of DSTs allows for a step-up in basis to an owner’s beneficiaries upon their demise. We can discuss this feature in the context of an overall legacy plan.
Tenant vacancies, competition from similar properties, or potential environmental conditions at the property may negatively impact rents and cash flows.

There is often no secondary market for an investor’s interest in alternative investments, and none is expected to develop.

There may be restrictions on transferring interests in any alternative investment. Purchaser cedes the decision making to the managing company. A DST cannot effectively refinance if the need arises.

How It Works

We take the uncertainty out of Alternative Investment Solutions.

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